Breakdown by Industry Sector

 Industry  Companies
 Banking & Financial Services  10
 Computer, IT & Telecoms  5
 Construction & Manufacturing   7
 Food & Beverage  15
 Government  10
 Hospitality, Tourism & Travel  8
 Human Resources  5
 Legal Services  8
 Media  3
 Real Estate  8
 Resources & Energy  5
 Other  7 

Corporate Sponsor breakdown by company nationality

Australia is considered one of the world’s most attractive locations to do business. With a thriving economy, one of the most educated and multicultural workforces in the world, and an easy-to-navigate business environment, Australia offers many opportunities for overseas investors and companies.  

Australia’s small population – only 0.3 per cent of the global total – belies its significant economic standing as the world’s 12th largest economy, accounting for approximately 1.9 per cent of the world’s GDP at an estimated US$1.2 trillion (2015) – double what it was a decade ago. Australia has enjoyed uninterrupted growth for 25 years and is the only developed economy to do so.

In addition, Australia has been found to have a 20 per cent higher productivity rate than its global competitors in its key growth sectors of gas, education, health and tourism, and an impressive 40 per cent more in agribusiness, oil and mining. This success is underpinned by a wealth of multicultural talent with the world’s highest secondary education enrollment rates and more than 40 per cent of the workforce holding a tertiary qualification.

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