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Talk to us about your Executive / Business Coaching, Team Building and Leadership development needs. We have extensive experience with online and face-to-face delivery and ensuring results that drive growth and development across a broad range of industries.

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[Valid: From 28th July to 30th Oct 2021]  

HummingByrd Inc. would like to offer a 10% discount on Executive Coaching / Coaching engagements for ANZCCJ community. This offer will remain open until October 30, 2021.

Co-creation and partnership embody how HummingByrd Inc., in line with the International Coach Federation (ICF), define coaching: a “partnering between the Coach and Coachee in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” What that creative process will look like and what that potential will develop into will be uniquely yours. With every coaching session, we adhere to the highest ethical standards as defined by the ICF: have a team of coaches that can support in English or Japanese depending on the needs of the coachee.

When you work with HummingByrd, we become your partner well before your first official coaching session to ensure a fully enriching engagement that will deliver the results you need. Talk to us to learn more about Executive Coaching / Coaching options by emailing from the following button.

[期間: 2021年7月28日〜2021年10月30日まで] 

HummingByrd Inc.では、ANZCCJコミュニティの皆様に、エグゼクティブ・コーチング/コーチング・エンゲージメントを10%割引でご提供いたします。このオファーは2021年10月30日まで有効です。

共創とパートナーシップは、国際コーチ連盟(ICF)に沿ったハミングバード・インクのコーチングの定義を体現しています。コーチングとは "コーチと受け手の間で、個人およびプロとしての潜在的な力を最大限に引き出すための刺激を与える、示唆に富むクリエイティブなプロセスにおけるパートナー関係" です。そのクリエイティブなプロセスがどのようなものであるか、そしてその可能性がどのように発展するかは、あなただけのものです。すべてのコーチングセッションにおいて、私たちはICFが定義する最高の倫理基準を遵守しています。(


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