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Looking for a way to get more involved in the Australian and New Zealand business community in Japan?  The ANZCCJ offers members numerous and varied opportunities to share their expertise and enthusiasm with other professionals.  Sub-Committees can be one of the best avenues for both making a contribution to the community and interacting with like-minded people. ANZCCJ committees play active roles in representing and developing business interests in Japan. Our committees are shaped by the needs and interests of members as well as the current business environment.


The participants of each committee are ANZCCJ members (guests are also invited to attend in many instances). Committee membership is not limited - members may belong to as many committees as they wish. Whether you have unresolved trade issues or just want to share ideas and experiences with like-minded people whilst also extending your network, becoming a member of a committee is one of the best ways to benefit from the ANZCCJ. To obtain further information on any of the committees, please contact the Secretariat.


Food, Agriculture and Hospitality Committee (FAHC)


The Food, Agriculture and Hospitality Committee (FAHC) comprises a dynamic and diverse group of Australian, New Zealand and Japanese business people who represent the food, agriculture and hospitality industries at both private industry and government levels. The Food, Agriculture and Hospitality Committee provides a forum serving four purposes:  

  • To share information on, and discuss the implications of developments in the Australian, New Zealand, and Japanese food, agriculture and hospitality industries, including market access issues and policy developments.
  • To share information on food safety and food security issues that impact upon imported food and food ingredients
  • To provide a ready network of contacts for new and existing exporters
  • To channel complaints on access restrictions through official government channels

 The committee meets on a regular basis and welcomes new members.

FAHC Chair: Tim Barnstable, Murray Goulburn

FAHC Vice-Chair: Sally Townsend, Jeroboam

Sports for Business Committee

ANZCCJ Sports for Business is an Australian and New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan program to develop business opportunities and relationships for ANZCCJ members through sporting related activities and to create opportunities for Australian and New Zealand companies to gain business from major sporting events hosted in Japan.  Click here to download the strategy document.


Events Committee


The Events Committee assists in the formation of the Chamber's various functions, including various breakfast, lunch and evening events, often centering around guest speakers such as visiting business people and politicians as well as noted authorities. "Social" functions are also included in the Chamber's annual program of events and include annual fixtures such as the ANZCCJ Shinnenkai. The committee also oversees meetings held at the embassies, aimed at keeping members abreast of current activities of ANZCCJ committees and, as always, providing a good chance to meet and mingle with fellow members. The ANZCCJ encourages members to invite guests to functions so that they can also get introduced to the Chamber's activities.

SME Support Program

The ANZCCJ SME Support program is an event series that aims to connect Japanese businesses with little or no international experience with Australian and New Zealand executives, businesses and organisations with substantial experience, expertise and know-how in international business, trade and investment. All SME Support Program events are conducted in Japanese.


ANZCCJ 中小企業(SME)サポートプログラムは、オーストラリア、ニュージーランドでのビジネス経験に乏しい日本の中小企業SME)と両国でのビジネス、貿易、投資などにおいて充分な経験や専門を有した企業、エグゼクティブ、ビジネスサポート機関を結びつけることを目的としています。SMEサポートプログラムイベントはすべて日本語で行います。


Download the program brochure here

Download the November 2015 event program here

Download the February 2016 event program here



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